Ghoulishly Great Ideas for Halloween Parties & Trick-Or-Treating

The Center for Science in the Public Interest, 2013


If it were only at Halloween, we wouldn’t be concerned about the candy. But it’s not just at Halloween. It’s candy and other treats all too often— breakfast candy (sugary cereals), liquid candy (soda), and fruit candies at lunch (fruit snacks/gummies/roll-ups). Celebrating Halloween healthfully isn’t about giving up all the treats. It’s about bringing them into balance, especially since kids often have multiple celebrations: at school, at friends’ houses, at after care, and in the community. And, of course, there’s trick-or-treating. There’s more to Halloween than candy. There’s dressing up, having fun with friends, playing games, and doing crafts. With so many celebrations throughout the year, it’s important to enjoy each one without going overboard.

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Community Healthy Food Access Food Marketing in Schools School Nutrition/Competitive Foods


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Classroom Celebrations Healthy Food Environment School Nutrition

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