An Intervention to Increase Availability of Healthy Foods and Beverages in New York City Hospitals: The Healthy Hospital Food Initiative, 2010-2014

Alyssa Moran, MPH, RD; Erica M. Krepp, MS, CHES; Christina Johnson Curtis, MBA; Ashley Lederer, MS, RD; published by CDC, June 2016


This journal article was published by CDC in Preventing Chronic Disease: Public Health Research, Practice, and Policy. The article is a report on an intervention in New York City hospitals to improve nutrition in all venues where food is served. The article can be accessed at the following link or on the CDC’s website.

Healthy Hospitals NYC

CHSC Priority Area(s):

Food Standards/Procurement



Area(s) of Expertise:

Food/Beverage Procurement Food/Beverage Standards Vending Worksite Wellness

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