New Resources for Recess in Schools Promotion Kit

CDC and Shape America, 2017


School staff that are responsible for leading recess in schools can use the Strategies for Recess in Schools, Recess Planning in Schools: A Guide to Putting Strategies for Recess into Practice, and customizable Recess Planning Template to help them identify what is currently happening or not happening with recess in their school. School staff can then use this information to develop a written recess plan that serves all students. This promotion kit provides an overview of these new resources for recess in schools as well as ideas to promote them. The other resources can be found at these links: Recess Planning Template, Recess Planning in Schools guide, and Strategies for Recess Success in Schools.

CHSC Priority Area(s):

Comprehensive Physical Activity Programs (CSPAP)



Area(s) of Expertise:

CSPAP Recess

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