Perspectives of Urban Corner Store Owners and Managers on Community Health Problems and Solutions

"Victoria L. Mayer, MD, MS; Candace R. Young, MS; Carolyn C. Cannuscio, ScD; Allison Karpyn, PhD; Sarah Kounaves, MSc; Emily Strupp; Kevin McDonough; Judy A. Shea, PhD", 2016


Urban corner store interventions have been implemented to improve access to and promote purchase of healthy foods. However, the perspectives of store owners and managers, who deliver and shape these interventions in collaboration with nonprofit, government, and academic partners, have been largely overlooked. The study sought to explore the views of store owners and managers on the role of their stores in the community and their beliefs about health problems and solutions in the community.

CHSC Priority Area(s):

Community Healthy Food Access



Area(s) of Expertise:

Corner Store Food Retail Healthy Food Environment

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