Comparison of Nutrition Guidelines for Prepared Food

Increasing access to healthier foods and beverages in public places is a fast-growing movement across the country. This resource provides comparisons of nutrition-based and food-based standards for prepared foods sold or served at catered meetings and events, cafeterias and cafes, concessions stands, university campuses, and other public and private food service settings. Also included is a comparison of beverage standards for food service settings.

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Nutrition Guidelines for Vending Machines

Increasing access to healthier foods and beverages in public places is a fast-growing movement across the country. This chart compares different sets of recommended nutrition criteria for vended beverages, packaged snacks, and entrée-type foods.


Financial Implications of Healthy Vending

Many vendors have found that revenue is unaffected by implementing healthy vending, and some vendors have experienced an increase in sales when they increased healthier options. The transition can be coupled with nutrition education, taste tests, promotions, and changes to pricing to support healthy choices


Vending Labeling Fact Sheet

The Center for Science in the Public Interest and Voices for Healthy Kids developed a fact sheet on vending labeling. This document includes the requirements of the national vending labeling law and information about healthier vending, including evaluations of initiatives, consumer demand, and the business case for offering healthier products. Share this fact sheet with participating worksites and other stakeholders to support healthier vending.

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Comprehensive Framework for Addressing the School Nutrition Environment and Services

This CDC framework provides school nutrition professionals, school health professionals, administrators, teachers, and parents detailed information on the components of a school nutrition environment and how, together, they influence a students’ access to healthy foods and beverages at school. Access the PDF here:

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School District Wellness Policies: Evaluating Progress and Potential for Improving Children’s Health Eight Years after the Federal Mandate

This report provides a strong rationale for why the CHSC grant focuses on school wellness policy components. The report also includes recommendations for policy opportunities that align nicely with the grant strategies.

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An Intervention to Increase Availability of Healthy Foods and Beverages in New York City Hospitals: The Healthy Hospital Food Initiative, 2010-2014

This journal article was published by CDC in Preventing Chronic Disease: Public Health Research, Practice, and Policy. The article is a report on an intervention in New York City hospitals to improve nutrition in all venues where food is served. The article can be accessed at the following link or on the CDC’s website.

Healthy Hospitals NYC

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